3 Important Preparations To Make Before Professional Movers Arrive

Moving is one of the most stressful events in life to go through, but fortunately, you can hire professional movers. They'll take care of all the heavy lifting and unloading. Before they arrive on moving day, however, you'll need to make the necessary preparations. 

Set Aside the Non-Movable Items 

There are certain items that a professional moving company will not move, no matter the circumstance. It's important to identify these items and keep them seperate, so that you can make other moving arrangements. 

Common items that you'll need to move yourself include household chemicals, paint, oil, pesticides, and liquids. These substances could easily topple over and create potential safety hazards in a moving truck. Put these items in a separate storage tote or bag, and then label them appropriately. You can then deal with these items yourself at some point during the move.

Pack Items Appropriately 

When the movers arrive, you want them to start loading right away. This is possible when you pack your items appropriately weeks before. As long as you follow the right protocol, packing doesn't have to be difficult. First and foremost, place items in boxes based on the room they go in. For instance, living room essentials should go in one box and bathroom supplies should go in another. 

Once all of your possessions have been packed and labeled, you should organize boxes based on how heavy they are. This way, the professional company can load their truck strategically to where it's properly balanced. 

Purchase Insurance 

Even though these moving companies send out professionals who have a lot of experience, accidents do sometimes happen. You won't be liable for any damage that occurs on behalf of the moving company when you invest in moving insurance. 

There are generally two types of insurance you can get: comprehensive and by the pound. The latter option is more inexpensive, but it doesn't cover as many items as the comprehensive coverage. The comprehensive option will cover all damages and losses, but you'll pay a premium. Choose an insurance option that works for your particular budget and items being transported. 

Moving can be a long and stressful process, but not so much when you hire professional movers like Kloke Group Moving & Storage. Just make sure everything is in order before they arrive. Then, when your moving day is finally here, everything will go smoothly and you can focus more on life in your new place.