Delicate Items & Bad Weather: Protective Options For Your Move

For many people, the end of a lease or the closing of a home may force you to move during a specific day or time period. During these times, it's hard to predict if the weather will cooperate and help make the move go smoothly. Rain, wind, and snow are some of the worst weather elements that you need to deal with when planning a move. Not only can bad weather impact your ability to move properly, but it could cause damage to a number of delicate items. To help protect your items and get them to your new home, there are four professional moving service options to consider. These add-on options are great for delicate items and can make a huge difference when you're dealing with bad weather situations. Browse through each of these options and see which ones will be most effective for your move.

Professional Packing Services

Poorly packed boxes and plastic bins can easily get exposed to weather elements. If rain or snow gets through the cracks on these boxes, then water could easily soak into items and cause damage. Once water is exposed to objects, mold can begin to grow within just 24 hours. By the time your items are unpacked, you could have a major problem. As you hire the services of a moving crew, one of the service options is a professional packing service. During this service, movers can pack items and secure boxes to help prevent any moisture getting inside them. Industrial tape may be used on the edges and flaps of the box to help prevent leaks and exposure to the weather elements. Large plastic tarps may also be used to cover up items and keep them dry while moving them from the home and into the truck.

Furniture Disassembly

Items like leather couches, pool tables, and mattresses can be completely destroyed if they are exposed to large amounts of water and moisture. Before you start lifting these bulky items out into bad weather conditions, you should consider hiring workers for a furniture disassembly service. Through this service, professional moves will carefully take apart your items, wrap them up in protective coverings and pack them into the truck. Disassembling the furniture will not only protect the items from weather elements, but it makes it a lot easier to move the furniture pieces out of the home. You can also request additional service to reassemble the furniture once it is delivered to the new home.

Storage Services

During some situations, the bad weather elements may last longer than you anticipate. Rain storms could go on for days and snow can just keep falling. Instead of risking damage to items during these extended periods, you can keep items protected through the use of moving company storage services. A lot of moving companies offer storage unit options for moving. Your items can be kept securely in a storage unit until the weather lets up. Once you're ready for delivery, the moving company will pick up the items and drive them over to your new home.

Exclusive Vehicle Use

Sometimes a storage unit may not be needed if the bad weather is only supposed to happen for a short period of time. If you need just an extra day or two to let the weather pass, then you can hire moving companies for exclusive vehicle use. During the move, your items will be held in a specific moving truck and kept there until the storm has passed. This allows you to stay organized with your move and prevents the need to bring items through nasty weather. Often, you can pick an exact time that you want to moving truck to show up. This also makes it a lot easier to schedule your own moving based around work or travel schedules.

A moving company can provide you different cost options for a variety of these services. Some of them may be included within package deals that can help you get large discounts. For more information, contact a company like Wheaton World Wide Moving.